Blush Gingham Dummy Holder
Blush Gingham Dummy Holder
Biby and co

Blush Gingham Dummy Holder

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Beautiful soft blush pink and white gingham dummy holder
9x9 cm
100% Linen
Care Instructions: Wash on gentle cold, hang to dry
All Biby and co accessories are made by hand by Australian Mama Koo and have undergone independent lab testing and have been certified for safety.
They comply with the following standards:
EN 12586:2007+A1:2011

Please follow all Red Nose guidelines when using the little stars. It is not recommended for children 7 months and younger to be left alone with soft toys and comforters in their cot.

* This item is not a teether,   any mouthing or chewing may alter the appearance of the shape or fabric. *