Snap Pea Pods
Snap Pea Pods
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Snap Pea Pods

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Just wait until you see my crunchy, sweet sugar snap pea pods - you can eat me straight off the vine! Support me with a trellis so that I can climb and thrive.

Encourage your enthusiastic little gardeners to grow their own plants, flowers and produce with our carefully curated range of seeds.  Through gardening together, you are providing your children with so many opportunities to learn, grow and build on critical lifelong skills.   Give your children the gift of sensory exploration as they feel the dirt and the seeds, smell the flower perfumes and fresh air surrounding them, see the vibrant colours and sizes of plants, hear the sounds of fruits/vegetables/flowers being picked and the best of all - tasting the outcome of their hard earned work (if it's edible, that is!)

Growing seeds with children will build: 

- hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills

- patience and teach responsibility 

- confidence

- care and nurturing skills

- an appreciation for water/rain and the seasons

- an understanding of where food comes from and promote healthy eating

- Plant in Autumn, Winter or Spring
- Watch me grow & harvest after approx 65 days
- Contains approx 20 seeds inside

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to bio-security laws, these seeds cannot be sent to TAS, WA or outside of Australia.